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Sea-Straw is the only aluminum straw of it's kind - 

Made of marine-grade Aluminum (6063-T5) - "Reef-friendly"  ALuminum-  What that means is if Sea-Straw ends up in the ocean, it does NOT harm marine life.   

On the contrary, it can actually help the reef.  This is the same Aluminum that decommissioned ships and marine vessels are made of when they are purposefully sunk into the ocean to create artificial reefs for divers.

Just this past May, the El Dorado, luxury cruise liner was overturned by Hurricane Michael and became  the latest vessel to be turned into an artificial reef just south of St. Andrew Bay Pass in FL.  

The material of the vessel?   ALUMINUM.   

Now it will attract fish and other marine life. (ref:  SeaFood News.com 8/20/19 - A. Buckle)

Aluminum is one of the most "green" metals out there.  One of the best properties of Aluminum is it's ability of recycling.  Recycled Aluminum is essentially as good as new Aluminum.  Very inexpensive to recycle Aluminum.

Sea-Straw is lightweight, no metallic taste because of the detailed processing it goes through.   It is heat sealed- once it is organically dyed. It also keeps your drinks very COLD - because it transmits temperature.   POOLSIDE?  Great.  

Made in United States - why is that important?  Organic dyes are used when dying Sea-Straw and they come in a host of colors.  Sea-Straw uses "Metal Free" Dyes.  The coloring process is 100% organic.

How do you clean them? Just rinse.  A lot of metal straws on the market provide a brush for the "bent straw"?  Because the bend in the straw is a harbor for bacteria - well, guess what?  so is the brush.  If a more stringent wash is needed, we provide a commercial washing unit for $70 which will clean 1,000 straws at a time.   Low PH Soap is recommended.

Sea-Straw's color is the same color inside and out.  Therefore, there are no breaks in the inside to trap bacteria.  Pulpy drinks, like Bloody Mary's or Orange Juice do not adhere to the inside of Sea-Straw because of the way it is processed and heat-sealed.   Just rinse.   Avoid high PH soaps, like Cascade and Dawn. They are very harsh and could compromise the integrity of the vibrant colors of Sea-Straw.    

Laser-Etching is available.   Sea-Straw can etch your name and logo on the outside, making it a great marketing tool or souvenir.   Great for catering and events.    RE:  Stainless Steel Straws -  Below is NEED TO KNOW INFO - below is a statement from Engineering, University of Toronto concerning the inferiority of Chinese Steel, which is where most all of the stainless steel straws originate.

Is Chinese stainless steel inferior?

Daryl Diamond, M.A.Sc. Engineering, University of Toronto

Answered May 9, 2017

Originally Answered: Is Chinese stainless steel frequently inferior?

Chinese stainless is predominantly made from nickel-pig-iron. Strictly speaking, this is a non-homogeneous metal mixture containing varying amounts of nickel, iron, and chromium. As such, surface rust spots will occur. True 18/10 quality stainless, as produced typically in Europe or North America, is produced from nearly homogeneous mixtures of refined steel and pure nickel and chromium. This true stainless has virtually no rust factors. So, the answer really is: avoid Chinese stainless steel.


Below is a response from a provider of Steeley's Stainless Steel Straws on the website.   I asked them if they had ALuminum and also where their straws are from:

We have a wide range of metal straws.  Most of them are food grade stainless steel but we can also do aluminum if preferred.

Our straws, like all metal straws currently available in the US, are produced overseas,  (This is untrue) and our suppliers must meet our code of conduct and other requirements.  Our current suppliers are in China.  

A laser engraved imprint in 1 location of the straws is standard.  We may be able to match a specified color for an additional charge. 


Sea-Straw is a Woman/Veteran - owned company - in the USA!



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